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About Us

Rifftek is dedicated to helping musicians develop the physical strength and dexterity required to play an instrument—much faster than ever before.

Our Research and Development team consists of professional musicians who have developed techniques and devices that have enhanced their own ability to play. Rifftek strategically combines their proven methods to create cutting-edge, self-paced instructional programs.

While our principles and concepts can benefit any musician at any level, our focus is on string instrument players—especially guitar players.

Playing guitar requires a significant amount of physical dexterity, as well as music theory knowledge. But whether or not you can read music yet, finger strength and dexterity are essential for progress. Rifftek concepts rapidly teach and build on these key elements.

Products include RiffBANDZ resistance bands and RiffGRIPS non-slip guitar pick grips. RiffBANDZ are supported with an extensive library of detailed, easy-to-follow online videos that contain exercises and playing techniques taught by guitar virtuoso George Adrian.

Although only a minute long, each Rifftek video is jam-packed with exercises and techniques that will help you become a better guitar player faster, and help make your fingers riff the way you want, up and down the fretboard.